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Polidor group

The oldest company of the Polidor group was formed in 1992 to offer Russian industry heavy-duty composite antifriction sliding bearings. Now with almost fifteen years of experience the company manufactures a wide range of thrust and radial bearings made from composite materials, possessing different structural properties and able to operate in environment containing aggressive fluids, water, oil or abrasive substances.

The company steadily grew as a result of product diversification, serving the transportation, construction, medical equipment and defense industries. As it expanded, Polidor opened new manufacturing facilities to satisfy the needs of its customers. Now our primary activities are concentrated on design and manufacturing of composite parts. We design and produce structural elements and interior parts for trucks, trailers, buses and trams. We take pride in being a contractor to a largest in Russia manufacturer of heavy duty trucks “Ural”.

We use the following processes for the manufacture of composite parts:

  • LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Molding);
  • Hand lay-up & Spray-up);
  • Thermal Vacuum Forming;
  • Vacuum Infusion;
  • Injection Molding;
  • Filament Winding (for bearings and tanks).

Also the companies of the group carry out fundamental scientific researches in the following fields:

  • design of new polymer composite materials;
  • investigation of physical, mechanical and tribotechnical properties of composite materials;
  • development of modern promising products from composites.

If you need any further information about our activities please contact us at:

1A, Fyodorova street, Chelyabinsk, Russia 454048
Tel./fax: +7 351 269-97-91; +7 351 269-97-92
GPS N55°8,091'- E61°24,107'